Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get your lash extenisons wet?

Yes, you can. After the first 24 hours you MUST wash your lashes to prevent eye infections. Fear of getting your lashes wet can casue blepharitis which can lead to lash mites. It is normal to lose lashes this is why you shcedule fills. Shower the morning of your appointment, 24 hours is required to allow the adhesive time to cure before getting them wet. Wash gently around the eyes, using an oil free face wash. 

Can I use mascara?

No. Mascara is difficult to remove effectively while having lash extensions. This can cause eye infections as build up begins on the lash extenions over time. Residual mascara at the time of your appointment prevents the adhesive from bonding to your natural lash, this can cause premature fall out. 

Can I wear eyeliner?

Yes, you may wear eyeliner as long as the eyeliner is oil free. I recommend a felt tip liner for the top liner as the pencil liner can tug and pull out the lash extentsions. 

Can anyone get lash extensions?

Majority of people can. If you have naturally oily skin you are not a cadidate for lash extensions. If you are unable to lie still with your eyes closed for at least an hour, in some cases more, you are not a candidate for lash extenisons. If you pick you natural lashes you are not a cadidate for lash extensions. 

Can I swim with lash extensions?

Yes you can. After your swim simply wash your face especially your lashes and brush. This removes chlorine. 

Do lash extensions cause you to lose your natural lashes?

No, lash extensions do not cause harm to your natural lashes when applied correctly. Isolation is key to mainitaing the health of your natural lashes, along with proper length and weight depending on your own natural lashes. Proper hygeine is also imparitive to the health of your natural lashes.